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Online booking system Booker

Introduction to online booking systems

The online booking system Booker will enable Your sport centre to offer services via the Internet.

The advantages of the online booking system Booker

The booking system offers various functions that can help the sport centre to operate in a more effective way.

Description of the booking system's functions.

A complete specification of the booking system's functions.

Strategic advantages provided by using the Booker system

Booker is different from other booking systems and helps to gain a competitive advantage over the rest of sport centres equipped with booking systems.

SW a HW requirements of the system

The Booker booking system is a web-based application that runs on an arbitrary server, either in the sport centre itself or on our servers. For communication with the booking system, the user needs nothing but a regular web browser and a connection to the Internet.

The user interface of the booking system

Take a look at the screenshot gallery of the booking system.

Pricelist of the booking system

Take a look at the prices of the online booking system.

Trial version of the booking system

Go through the trial version of the booking system.

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